This blog is meant as a documentation of a new project Im currently starting. In the coming weeks I will develop a first prototype of a domestic Film Processor or personal FILMLAB that fully automizes the process of developing film after the right program for the right developer is chosen. The project is called MINUTE because the process is all about developing film in a exact amount of given time and the size of the processor is preferably as small as possible to fit in any modern day house.

Other requirements to the processor are as follows:
FLEXIBLE: Process a variable amount of films with a max of 5 35mm, 3 120, 12 4×5″ sheet films.
EASY CONNECTIVITY: In contrast to Jobo ATL-1500 No need for additional water connections as the water is situated in the film processor and kept at the right temp.
USER FRIENDLY: easy operation of the machine by setting 3 programs for C41 dev, E6 or BW ( costumizable in later prototypes with sliders in a touch sensitive android device giving you the status of development via wifi)
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: able to pump back chemicals in residual tanks for later reuse or careful disposal.

thats it until now. Im currently investigating different shemes on construction based on existing professional systems and DIY’s
Links to existing projects:
- simple processor able to keep temp and rotate with time sheme


- more complex processor being able to change baths but probably not the right type for optimal agitation

- learning from professional products: Jobo ATL system manual. I think these processors are quite well designed but consider them as too expensive. These machines could be produced for 300 euros instead of 3000:


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